Curl For Life™

Curling is a Great Sport for People of any Age. Many of our members only took up the sport after retirement. Come out and give it a try. With over 200 members we offer an entire community of new friends and we are always ready to welcome newcomers.

Tam Heather Venerables Men's Curling Club offers retired or semi-retired men, 50 and older, an open flexible approach to daytime curling.

With over 200 active members Tam Heather Venerables is probably the largest senior men's curling club in the world.
We are always looking to welcome new members.

No experience necessary - we will show you how to curl

How the Curling is Organized

Tam Heather Venerables curlers are divided into four groups, W, X, Y and Z. Each group has two regular times in which they curl each week. In addition, members of any group can curl in any of the three timeslots on a Friday. Every curler specifies which of the four groups he would prefer to join when he pays his annual membership.

The Venerables curling format is designed for the members' convenience. In regular weekly play teams are only formed at the time that the players arrive. This means you are not letting anyone down if you have a conflicting appointment or just aren't feeling well. A board captain in each group puts together the teams. The board captains try to create teams that balance the players' skills while allowing different players to play together every week. This format fosters camaraderie and provides an environment that is welcoming to both the novice and the lifelong curler. While some curlers take the opportunity to curl in outside bonspiels, there are a number of in-house Venerables bonspiels through the curling season. Any member can sign up for these bonspiels and enjoy the competitive spirit. The emphasis is on fun and, in addition to recognizing the winning teams, a lunch and a prize-table are included.