This section contains questions that new and prospective members frequently ask.

  1. Q. How many players can play at one time at Tam Heather?
    A. There are eight (8) sheets of ice and eight players (two teams of four) on each sheet.
  2. Q. What equipment do I need?
    A. Curlers need a broom, a slider on their lead foot, when delivering a rock from the hack, and a gripper on their other foot. Those using a "stick" don't need a slider. For beginners, the Club has some sliders and grippers that can be fitted on over regular shoes, which you can borrow until you buy your own. The Club also has a large stock of brooms, so there is no need to buy one.
  3. Q. What should I wear?
    A. Some warm clothes and socks (layering is a good idea initially so you can decide how much clothing you are comfortable with. Most curlers also wear some form of headgear. Just about any clothing, hat or cap is acceptable; you don't have to be fashion conscious. However, do not wear street shoes or runners on the ice, unless they are thoroughly cleaned. Please wear clothes and shoes that do not shed fabric or material on the ice. Helmets are strongly recommended.
  4. Q. I have a back problem, can I curl without having to bend down all the time?
    A. Yes, you can use a stick to deliver your rocks without having to get down in the hack. However, check with your doctor if in doubt that you are medically fit to curl. Sweeping is quite a vigorous activity.
  5. Q. Will I still be able to curl when I'm seventy?
    A. In principle, yes. We have active members curling in their late eighties and even into their nineties. However, it does depend on your individual health as you age. Curling is an excellent way to maintain your fitness during the months when our weather may stop you participating in other sports.

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