Membership Meeting Minutes (2019-2020)

2020/2021 Board Ratification Vote Held March 25 - 29, 2020.

Attention Tam Heather Venerables

As Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Tam Heather Venerables, it is my responsibility to report to you the results of our recent email / phone poll regarding the election of the Board of Directors for the 2020/2021 curling season.

On March 25, 2020 we emailed all of our current members who have email. For those members without email, or for those who have unsubscribed to our emails, we attempted to call on the phone. We received 119 responses and here are the results:

a) the first motion requesting the approval of Doug Muir: Communications Chair; Henry Kiiskinen: Secretary; Wayne Black: Membership Chair; and Fred Huggett: Director at Large to the Board of Directors for the 2020/2021 season, was approved by all 119 voters, a 100% approval rate.

b) the second motion requesting approval of John Wills: Past President; Reg Pembleton: President; Erwin Psotka: Vice-President; Mike Campolieto: Facilities Chair; Jim Cross: Bonspiel Chair; and Frank Kilroy: Treasurer to the Board of Directors for the 2020/2021 season was approved by 117 voters, with two abstentions, a 98% approval rate.

The above poll met the quorum requirement with at least 50 members responding to the motions. Passing a motion requires a majority vote (50% + 1). Accordingly, both motions are officially passed.

Thank you for your participation in this process and take care of yourself in these troubling times.

Erwin Psotka

Secretary Tam Heather Venerables



September 25, 2019

  1. Erwin Psotka, Secretary, chaired the meeting and called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Attending the meeting were fifty-six members plus nine directors for a total of sixty-five attending. He then introduced the members of the Board of Directors. The current year Board was approved on April 12, 2019 at a special meeting held after the Memorial Bonspiel.
    At that time Doug Muir was approved as a Director at Large, but due to health reasons, he is unable to serve on the Board at this time. The Board will reserve a spot for Doug for when he is able to return. Fel talked to this point later in the meeting.
  2. John Wills, President, welcomed the members back, mentioned that we updated the Venerables' Policy for Condolences and Get Well Cards, talked about our draw prizes for today and told everyone that it was a good time to replace their grippers.
    John noted that there were over fifty volunteers needed to keep Venerables running smoothly and asked everyone to consider volunteering and signing up tonight to help with either curling events or social events. He then thanked everyone for attending and everyone to remember, "Venerables curling is about participation, fellowship and having an enjoyable day at the rink".
  3. Fel Raimondo, Past President, reviewed his duties as Past President, the primary one being to find replacements for retiring board members. He also talked about the need for volunteers and that he hoped that members would generously respond to our requests for more volunteers. Fel is also responsible for processing all nominations for the Venerables Appreciation Award, so if a member would like to nominate an individual, just let Fel know.
    Fel and John presented certificates of recognition to five Venerables who achieved the 25-year membership plateau, namely: Rudy Vangel, Robert Griffith, Ralph Warren, Jim Christie and Jack Grant.
    Fel introduced Brian Booth who is nominated to join the Board as another Director at Large. This would effectively increase the Board size to eleven, as we are still hoping for Doug to return. Motion by George Fernandez, seconded by Ray Cockburn "to add Brian Booth to the Board of Directors". Carried.
    John Wills then presented Venerable Crests to retiring Board members, namely Fel Raimondo as Past President, and Gary Sampson and Ray Cockburn as retiring directors.
  4. Draw Prize: Dinner Voucher won by Bob Jackson

  5. As Harold Bugdahn could not attend the meeting, John Wills presented the Membership Report which shows we currently have 171 curlers registered which is down from 189 same time last year. It was suggested that some of the Board Captains call people from last year who have not yet registered for this year to help boost the membership numbers.
  6. Frank Kilroy, Treasurer, presented the financial summary highlighting that for the last year there was excess income over expenses of $2,577, vs. the prior year when there was an excess of expenses over revenues of $438. But the key takeaway was the budget for 2020 which shows a notable drop in membership fees collected to date and that we may be at risk of having a notable excess of expenses over revenues this year if membership does not increase. Motion by Reg Pembleton, seconded by Erwin Psotka, "that the Board be approved to pay any balance owing for the ice rental costs for 2019-2020 from the excess income of 2018-2019 and prior years." Carried. Frank presented a cheque to Doug Miller for the first half of the ice rental fee.
  7. Doug Miller, Facilities Manager at Tam Heather, outlined several of the improvements at Tam. The improvements included repairing holes in the exterior walls and roof, installing a wheelchair lift from the ice to the lounge area, and replacing a dehumidifier.
  8. Draw Prize: $25 LCBO gift card won by Gerry MacDonald

  9. Jim Cross, Bonspiel Chair, thanked his existing committee members consisting of Peter Tibando, George Fernandez and Fred Huggett and welcomes a new committee member Jim Christie. Jim Cross noted that we would be switching dates of the President's Bonspiel and the Memorial Bonspiel, so that the President's Bonspiel will be our final event of the season.
  10. Mike Campolieto, Facility Chair, introduced the Board Captains - W: Gary Pennington, Gordon Stevenson, X: Ed Welch, Ken Waddell, Y: John Harzenetter, Glenn Holmes, Z: Bryan Belyea, Roger Davidson. He noted that the calendar is on the website but there would be some minor changes in the next few days.
  11. Draw Prize: $25 LCBO gift card won by John Brittain

  12. Gerry MacDonald, Communication Chair, outlined his duties which include handling the email lists, sending out "The Week Ahead", maintaining the website and publishing Coffee Break. Although he doesn't write the articles he is expecting to have four issues this year. Gerry also announced that this would be his last year on the Board which resulted in him getting a standing ovation from the members to persuade him not to retire from the Board.
  13. Reg Pembleton, VP, discussed VTEC (VTEC meeting Oct 2/19 7 pm) noting they have twenty-four teams in the three divisions. The Holiday Party is booked for Dec. 10 and will have a live band, cost $15 pp, and have a cash bar. Golf Committee already formed for next year and some improvement are being worked on. Venerables will be hosting Grand Masters event this year.
  14. Al Johnson, VIC coordinator, gave a brief history of the Toronto District Senior Men's Curling Association (TDSMCA) which was started in 1959 by the Tam O'Shanter senior men's day curlers. When the Tam O'Shanter Curling Club burnt down in 1971, their membership formed the Tam Heather Curling Club and built our Tam Heather facility. TDSMCA has 6 member clubs: Donalda, Leaside, Richmond Hill, East York, Unionville, and Tam Heather. Our Venerables Inter-Club (VIC) represent Tam. VIC is always open to any Venerable who would like to play and represent Tam Venerables at the TDSMCA. Al also managed the TDSMCA last year as part of Tam's two-year mandate. Al asked for a Venerable volunteer to help him manage TDSMCA this year and become the new Tam VIC coordinator.
  15. Draw Prize: $25 LCBO gift card won by Doug Scott

  16. John Wills asked for and responded to questions, Motion Andrew Lamb, seconded by Wayne Black "to adjourn the meeting". Carried.
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