Basic House Rules for Venerables Curling

At the club level our regular games are played over eight ends between two teams of four players. The composition of a team is a lead, who throws first, a second who throws next, followed by the third or vice. The skip is the team captain and usually is the last to throw and is responsible for calling the game: that is deciding the strategy and showing the players where to place their rocks. Players from the two teams alternate their throws. The "vices" toss a coin to determine which team will throw the first rock and who will have the hammer (the final stone), and choice of stone colour: In brief:

  • We play the 5-rock rule Free Guard Zone (FGZ), for clarification refer to Curling Canada's Rules of Curling for General Play
  • Skips and Vices are the only ones allowed inside the playing end hog line when rocks are about to be delivered
  • Vice skips (and only Vice skips) determine the score at the conclusion of an end. No rocks should be moved until agreement has been reached
  • You may sweep your own rocks all the way to the "T" line, but only one player from your team may sweep past the "T" line. Only the skip or vice of the opposing team may sweep your team's rock and only after it has crossed the "T" line.
  • If you foul (burn) a rock with your feet or broom, while it is in play you must declare the rock "burned". The opposing skip will determine whether it is to be removed or replaced. In general inform the skips of the foul and whether it occurred before the far hog line or past it in the FGZ.
  • DO NOT KNEEL OR REST YOUR HANDS ON THE ICE AFTER YOU DELIVER A ROCK - stand up immediately. Body heat causes depressions in the ice which can negatively affect the path of curling stones.
  • Any player arriving after the board has been set , referred to as the “set time” ( 15minutes prior to the start t ime on c alendar), will only be included if there is a space left on the board in a spot that does not require the board to be re-set.
  • There will be no practice before your game as excessive practice wears down the pebble and makes for poor ice conditions later in the game .
  • After the Ice Bell has sounded the teams can complete the end they are playing plus one more. The bell times are A (10:15 am) , B (1 pm) and C (3:20 pm) .
  • Safety is first in Venerables Play. Please see the Safety Tips section of this website and remember these Basic Rules:
    • If you are fatigued or short of breath STOP and REST
    • DO NOT place a rock in the hacks for other players
    • Be aware of fellow curlers health issues
    • Stick players must avoid excessive speed shooting (DO NOT PUSH or extend your elbow)

For a fuller set of the rules of curling go to the rules as set out on the Curling Canada website.

Speed of Play
  • Please be ready to start your games on time.
  • When rocks are put out of play Skips should organize them while the other team is throwing. This saves a lot of time between ends.
  • When the other team has thrown their rock immediately get in the hack and prepare to throw your rock. You should be ready before the opposing rock that your opponent has just thrown crosses the far hog line.
  • All eight ends will be played with no break after four ends unless both skips and their respective teams all agree to take the break during their game. Please support the kitchen before and after your game.
In-House Bonspiel Rules
  • EFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY any player who has signed up for a POSTED BONSPIEL who, after the Spiel has been filled and closed, then realizes he cannot participate will be responsible for finding his own replacement.
  • Team sheets will be posted on the Board along with available Spare names for you to contact. Telephone numbers are available on your members list.
  • Notify your Bonspiel Chairman or member of the Committee as to who is sparing for you. Changes will be made and your skip notified. Skips will be called regarding team makeup and game times. Skips will then notify team members regarding date and time of game.
  • If your Team is short a man, it will be a Three Man Team, until you get a spare. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.
  • We are making the change because too many players have come in at the last minute with all types of reasons as to why they cannot curl.
  • This has created unnecessary stress and frustration for our Bonspiel Committee in trying to re-form teams at the last minute.
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