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Safety Tips


Any player who feels he cannot play on a 3-man team during the regular curling schedules (because of sweeping problems or it is just too much for you), please let your Board Captain know so we can put the number 4 on your tag which means you will be put on a four (4) man team. This will assist all Board Captains in case you curl with another group.

Warm up before the game. Stretching and warming up muscles before going out on the ice can help prevent injury.

Never use street shoes. Always change your street shoes to appropriate curling shoes. It is highly recommended that you wear a gripper on your sliding foot when sweeping for more stability.

Use the shoe cleaner provided on the walkway before stepping on the ice.

Step onto the ice gripper foot first. Never use your slider foot to step onto the ice.

Always be careful when stepping off the ice. Always put your slider foot up first.

Never stop a rock with your hand. Your fingers can be crushed, especially if the rock hits another rock while you're trying to stop it.

Never use your foot to stop a fast-moving rock. You could lose your balance and fall. Use your broom to stop a rock.

Always carry your broom , which you can use to avoid or break a fall in case you lose your balance.

Watch for stray rocks and prevent rocks from going onto another sheet.

Keep the rocks on the ice at all times. Slide the rocks, never lift them.

Keep your feet on the ice. Walk or slide, never hop or run.

If you can't keep up with a fast-moving rock while sweeping, stop and step aside to allow your fellow sweeper to continue.

Never go onto the ice when your balance is impaired from sickness, excessive alcohol, etc.

Always keep walkways 'clear' of equipment - place unused brooms, grippers, etc., as far away from the ice as possible.

DON'T KNEEL OR REST YOUR HANDS ON THE ICE AFTER YOU DELIVER A ROCK - stand up immediately. Body heat causes depressions in the ice which can negatively affect the path of curling stones.

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