AGM Minutes

Tam Heather Venerables Annual General Meeting
September 28th, 2016
  1. Opening: Secretary Harold Bugdahn called the meeting to order at 7:30pm with approximately 80 members plus 9 directors present for a total of 89 attending. He then introduced the members of the Board of Directors. Moved by Peter Tibando and seconded by Cam Cowan that ďThe board of directors introduced be confirmed for the 2016-2017 curling season.Ē Carried.
  2. Presidentís Remarks: Incoming president Jim Thomas welcomed everyone back for the new curling season. He then provided an update on Tag draw and competitive curling on Fridays and introduced Dave Hampton, Wayne Black, George Fernandez, Doug Scott and Reg Pembleton as the new VTEC organizing committee to be chaired by the board president. Jim went on to introduce his theme of "Itís your turn" urging members to step up and take an active role in running the club. An advisory committee will be set up and he asked for volunteers from each group to report to the board any suggestions from the members. So far, Peter Tibando and Fred Huggett have volunteered.
  3. Past Presidentís Remarks: Andrew Lamb recognized retiring board members and presented crests to Al Gibson, Ed Koen and Gary Pennington. He made comments on his duties and role of Past President. He asked members to consider nominating individuals who have made a significant contribution to the club. Chef Damiano provided an update on his forthcoming 12th season providing the food catering services. He expressed appreciation for our support throughout the year and outlined the services available both daily and for special events.

    (Draw prize for a Sunday dinner voucher for two)

  4. Treasurerís Report: Incoming treasurer Robert McLeod introduced Carman Chismore and Mike Campolito as the Financial Review Committee. Moved by Robert McLeod and seconded by Dave Abrams to confirm the committee. Carried Robert reviewed our financial position and spoke of supplementing membership with the accumulated excess funds in prior years. An increase in the number of curlers would benefit our financial health.
  5. Tam Heather Managerís Report: Robert presented Doug Miller with a cheque for the 1st instalment of next yearís ice rental expense. Doug welcomed everyone and mentioned that all the same staff members will be returning for the coming season. Over the summer improvements were made to the roof and dance floor. A water cooler and digital clock are new for this year. Doug also urged members to trade in their old grippers for new ones and offered a 50% discount.
  6. Membership Report: Gary Sampson reported that 208 applications of returning curlers were processed to date and 6 new members, Matt Rea, Lorne Boon, Percy Baxter, Frank Kilroy, John Rorabeck and Walter Adams were introduced. 25 year curling certificates were presented to Doug Dies, Larry Lynch and Ian Coulter who achieved this milestone last year and to Francis Sharon, Bob Jackson, Frank Bell, George Roffey and Stan Yakota who reached it this year.

    (Draw prize for $25 cash)

  7. Bonspiel Report: Vice President and Bonspiel Chair Fel Raimondo thanked the bonspiel committee members Peter Tabando, Ian Valentine and Jack Grant for their efforts in organizing last yearís events, and spoke of this yearís upcoming bonspiels.
  8. Facilities Report: Incoming Facilities Chair, John Wills thanked Al Gibson for his contribution in getting this yearís calendar ready. John reminded us of the importance of safety on the ice and will post hints on the website and on the tag boards. If a mishap occurs on the ice, office staff should be notified at once, since they are able to provide first aid and also call for help. John introduced the new board captains and thanked John MacInall for his past service. Tam Heather has an Ice Committee made up of representatives from the various leagues at Tam which meets every month. John is the Venerables Rep as Facilities Chair and would like feedback or suggestions on ice conditions or house conditions sent to him in writing for presentation at that meeting.. This seasonís calendar is available on the website and will be posted on the board. VTEC and VIC interclub will commence on Oct.14. Curling clinics will run on Fridays @ 1:45 in November, coordinated by Jim Downes. Jim needs help at the clinics, preferably someone who can coach new players sliding using the basics of Balance, Line and Weight.
  9. (Draw prize for $25 cash)

  10. Communications Report: Tony Damiani reviewed his responsibilities as Coffee Break editor, Email coordinator for internal announcements and Website coordinator. He asked that he be informed of any email address changes since all correspondence will be sent that way. Five or six issues of Coffee Break will be published this year and the first will be available soon. As always, contributions are requested.
  11. Social Events Report: Ray Cockburn presented the report on this yearís Golf Day and announced that June 1, 2017 is next yearís date. December 7th is set for the Dance and Nostalgia night with the same entertainers as last year.

    (Draw prize for $25 cash)

  12. Members Forum: Reg Pembleton called for more curlers to play in VTEC and John Davidson asked for 10 players to participate in Y group turkey shoot. Peter Cant proposed a motion to recognize the work and operations of the Board of the Venerables Club during the past year, for their consummate and clearly proficient execution of their duties at all times, and to recognize their esteemed sensitivity in the handling of all matters to the benefit of all members. Seconded by Peter Tibando. Carried
  13. Adjournment: President Jim Thomas adjourned the meeting at 9pm.