AGM Minutes

Tam Heather Venerables Annual General Meeting
September 27th, 2017
  1. Opening: Secretary Ray Cockburn called the meeting to order at 7:30pm with approximately 77 members plus 4 directors present for a total of 81 attending. He then introduced the members of the Board of Directors. Moved by Andrew Lamb and seconded by Clare Seeley that "The board of directors introduced be confirmed for the 2017-2018 curling season." Carried
  2. President's Remarks: Incoming President Fel Raimondo welcomed all of the Venerables back for a new curling season and told a short comical story. He summed up the successes of the previous year. He thanked Steen Thuresen for his contribution of our on ice Bill Board sign. Steen not only designed, and created it he also graciously donated it.
  3. Past President's Remarks:Jim Thomas delivered comments on his six years of service on the executive, and presented Andrew Lamb with crests denoting his past director and his past President status. Jim went over his responsibilities he has in his current position as past president, His main responsibility is to recruit new volunteers to the board of directors He spoke about the Appreciation Award program for valued members with in the Venerables Group.

    Draw prize (Sunday Dinner voucher for 2)(David Andrews)

  4. Treasurer's Report: Jim Thomas delivered the report on behalf of Harold Bugdahn. Jim explained the Financial Review committee, made up of two members, This year Carman Chisamore will be retiring from the committee but Mike Campolieto will be staying on for his second year. He will be joined by Chet Bula. Moved by Jim to accept the Financial Review Committee as designated, Second by Ed Welch. Carried. Jim spoke on the number of participants this current year and went over a brief financial synopsis. He discussed the Refunds last year which affected the bottom line by $3,400.00. Jim then introduced Tam Heather Manager Doug Miller
  5. Tam Heather Manager's Report: Jim presented to Doug Miller a cheque for the first installment of the ice rental fees for the coming year. Doug spoke on the updates done to the facility over the summer, theses included new updated LED lighting, new floor outside the washrooms and snack bar on the main floor, new room dividers and some new high back chairs.
  6. Membership Report: Fel delivered the membership report on behalf of Gary Sampson. Our latest count was 189 members as of Sept. 20th, plus 7, plus 2 received this evening a total of 198 men. Fel presented 25 year certificates to Dave Abrams, and Grant Barrett and Terry Beck.

    Draw prize (LCBO gift card)(Dave Abrams)

  7. Bonspiel Report: Jim Cross spoke on the Bonspiels that will take place this year there will be no changes to the regular scheduled spiels. He informed the membership that George Fernandez has joined the bonspiel organizing committee along with Jack Grant and Peter Tibando, they are currently looking for one other person. Reg Pembleton will handle the invitational bonspiels for getting the information out to other clubs.
  8. VTEC Report: Doug Scott reported that this year the VTEC curling on Fridays has expanded to a total of 24 teams and will be comprised of three divisions of 8 teams each. This coming week each skip will receive emails informing them of all information that they will send out to their team before the October 4th meeting. There will be no hand outs at the meeting individuals will be required to print out their own schedules and rules of reference for the VTEC curling.
  9. Facilities Report: Al Lee delivered the report on behalf of John Wills. Highest priority is safety for all curlers. Also we must keep[ the games moving along in the allotted time. The ice schedule is posted on line at the web site and should be accessed by everyone who can. There are a few hard copies that John has made up for any one that does not have access to a computed. The board captains are listed on the schedules. The Ice will be available for practice starting October 2nd to the 6th.

    Draw prize (LCBO gift card)(John McInall)

  10. Communications Report: There was no communication report available at the meeting as Tony and Gerry were away on Vacation.
  11. Social Events Report: Ray delivered the updates on behalf of Jerry Goldhar for the Golf Day that took place back in June and an update on the upcoming December 7th Christmas party. Also that the 2018 Golf day will take place at Remington Parkview Golf course .
  12. Members Forum: Fel spoke on the ongoing need for volunteering for the executive. We really need some new blood and men that are interested in bettering the club. Fel entertained questions from the floor, Only comment was that it was a BIG advantage to have weekly updates emailed out on the upcoming events at the club.
  13. Adjournment: President Fel Raimondo adjourned the meeting at 8:30 PM