Membership Meeting Minutes

Constitution 2019 and Board for 2019/20 Ratification Minutes
Held Friday April 12th, 2019
Tam Heather Venerables Annual General Meeting
September 26th, 2018
  1. Opening: Secretary Ray Cockburn called the meeting to order at 7:30pm with approximately 77 members plus 8 directors present for a total of 85 attending. He then introduced the members of the Board of Directors. Moved by Ken Waddell and seconded by Ed Welch that The board of directors introduced be confirmed for the 2018- 2019 curling season.” Carried
  2. Ray introduced Fel Raimondo whom will be carrying on as President for one additional year due to the death of incoming president Jerry Goldhar. Fel welcomed all to the meeting and gave some highlights from the past season and delivered a small tribute to Jerry Goldhar. He spoke on volunteering for the Board in the future. Fel also spoke to the need to report all mishaps occurring on the ice to the office. This is a city of Toronto requirement. Fel presented our outgoing past President Jim Thomas and Tony Damiani with past BOD Crests and the Past President.

    Draw prize (Sunday Dinner voucher for 2)(Ron Green)

  3. Treasures Report was delivered by Fel Raimondo on behalf of Treasurer Harold Bugdahn. He informed the meeting of the close balance of dollars available for the ice rental and the registration fees collected. Fel. introduced Facility Manager Doug Miller and presented him with a cheque for the first ice rental for the first half of the season.
  4. Facility Manager Doug Miller spoke on the updates that had occurred over the summer months at the facility. the full remodel of the upstairs washrooms being the most obvious. Also much of the lighting has been updated with LED fixtures. Sink hole repairs were needed outside the east side of the building as well. The ice will be ready for practice from the 1st of Oct. to the 7th from 5 to 9 in the evenings. Doug introduced Alex Frazer.

    Draw prize (LCBO gift card $25.00)(Gord Stevenson)

  5. Alex Frazer from Spokes and Sports on Avenue Road spoke to the meeting on the seriousness of concussions and the vulnerability that seniors have to being concussed. He showed several of the helmets that are available now for players to wear and some of the costs, Bottom line was that it would be very wise to wear a helmet while on the ice.
  6. Gary Sampson Director of Membership delivered his membership report, currently we have 189 curlers registered. The previous year at this time we had 194. He introduced eight new members and presented 25 year certificates to five men - Ron Wilson, Cliff Cumming, Don Summerville, Cam Cowan, and Larry Lyons.
  7. Jim Cross director of Bonspiels, thanked his committee of Jack Grant, Peter Tobando, and George Fernandez. This year Reg Pembleton will be replaced by Fred Huggett as invitational bonspiel chair. Jim claimed that he was still working on the joint bonspiels with the Day Ladies.
  8. John Wills Facility Chair delivered the lengthy facility report (click here) and addressed the new 4/5 Free Guard rule and the clubs outlook on the rule. He also discussed the schedule that will be put up on the web site for all to see and some will be printed for any one that does not have a computed. He informed of the VTEC meeting that will take place October 3rd at the club at 7:00 PM. and he introduced the Board Captains.

    Draw prize (LCBO gift card $25.00)(Paul Willis)

  9. George Fernandez spoke on the fact that VTEC were looking of one man for the second position on a team.
  10. Gerry MacDonald Communication director; outlined his duties and the communication for the week ahead that he diligently publishes. He makes sure that all the Bonspiels info gets disseminated to everyone. He was adamant that he does not write the information but merely makes sure that it is distributed to all of the members with e-mails. He keeps up our club web site and makes sure that there are cards available on the tag board for use by the groups. If they run low please contact Gerry for more.

    Draw Prize (Gift card Tim's $20.00)(Jack Brown)

  11. Ray Cockburn BOD Secretary delivered the Golf report that Andrew Lamb had written and gave the dates for the 2019 June 4th Golf Tournament. as well as the potential Christmas dinner / Dance of December 5th 2018.
  12. Fell Took questions from the floor and hosted a short discussion on items brought forward. He adjourned the meeting at 9:10 PM