Tournament Winners

2018 President's Bonspiel

The 2018 edition of the President's Tankard Bonspiel was held during the week of January 8th to 12th. Twenty-four teams from all four groups were created to participate in this unique format that's a little different from the norm. Combining teams for the final day created a team effort that had a mixture of unsolicited verbal strategy suggestions, opinions, supportive cheers and collective groans from the spectators.

The Tankard format produced the winning partnership of the Gary Pennington and Mark O'Hearn teams. Congratulations to skip Gary Pennington, vice Jim Downs, second Jim Harlow and lead John Dorsey. Their partner team was skip Mark O'Hearn, vice Carman Chisamore, second Frank Bell and lead Brock Stackhouse.

The winner of the Consolation Game event was skip Jim Tebo, vice Martin Docherty, second Chet Bula and lead Dal Wrigley.

Many thanks go to the Bonspiel Committee of Jack Grant, Peter Tibando and George Fernandez. Thanks to all curlers who participated and we're looking forward to seeing you all at the next President's Tankard Bonspiel.

2017 Christmas Skins

This year's version of the Christmas Skins Bonspiel was held on Wed. December 13th. We had 16 teams participating plus some spares waiting in the wings. Thanks to all who signed up to play.

Anyone who has participated in the skins format knows it's an interesting change of pace from the norm, and scores can change quite dramatically, especially getting into the latter ends with carry-overs. Two six-end games were played, followed by a hot lunch.

Congratulations to the winning team of skip Jim Tebo, vice Don Tyrrell, second Greg Tracey and lead Richard Allgood, racking up a score of 35 points. All of the games were very competitive and some reputations were reinforced and some new ones created.

Many thanks to the Bonspiel Committee of Jack Grant, Peter Tibando and George Fernandez for organizing a great bonspiel.

W, X, Z Groups 2017 Turkey Shoot

The 2017 Turkey Shoot for W, X and Z Groups was held on Monday, December 11th. Participating were 38 curlers from W Group, 30 from X and 25 from Z.

All participation fees are distributed as prizes. The winning team in each group receives 60% of the prize money, 30% to the second place team, and 10% to the highest individual score from a non-prize winning team.

The first place team from W Group (in order: Skip, Vice, Second, Lead) consisted of Jim Downs, Wayne Black, Jim Campbell and Morgan Dever. The second place team was Ted Lacelle, Reid Thomas, Matt Rea and Gord Stevenson. Highest individual score was Gord Wells.

The first place team from X Group (in order: Skip, Vice, Second, Lead) was Gord Maunder, Ken Waddell and Jerry Golhar (three person team). The second place team, also with three members, was Ray Moffitt, Murray Hedges and Rob Slater. Highest individual score was Ron Green.

The first place team from Z Group (in order: Skip, Vice, Second, Lead) was Tony Haslam, Don Sommerville, Rob Lembke and Mike Dionne. The second place team was Andrew Lamb, Keith Liddle, Jeff Dixon and Jim Borland. Highest individual score was Tom Powell.

Thanks to all who signed up and generated lively competition.

Y Group 2017 Turkey Shoot

On Tuesday, December 12th. 32 Venerables joined in 8 teams for our annual Christmas turkey shoot. A regular game was played on each sheet with the teams deciding any ground rules they wanted to use, especially how long the games would be.

Dave Abrams, Don Eto, Jim Downs and Ron Wilson were the best “shots”, making sure each member of their teams received a good-sized turkey. Jack Grieve, John Harzenetter, Bruce Taylor, and Al Gibson lead their teams to the wine tasting room and received bottles of excellent white or red wine.

Thanks to Guy Elliott, Glenn Holmes, George Dinovo, and John Davidson for organizing the event again this year. We all owe very special thanks to Len Lamanna and his staff at Lady York Foods on Dufferin St. for their generous support of the event.

Next year's shoot will take place on Tuesday, December 11 during “Y”'s regular time slot.

Fall Classic Bonspiel with the Day Ladies

The initial bonspiel of the 2017-2018 curling season took place on October 31st. The Day Ladies and Venerables curlers got together to renew the Fall Classic Bonspiel. Many were in Halloween mode, wearing costumes that added to the festive spirit of the day.

Rookie bonspiel co-ordinators Pauline Kiely of the Day Ladies and Jim Cross of the Venerables would like to sing the praises of the respective very talented bonspiel committees. Take a bow Sue Sedor, Loraine Lalonde, Pam Elliott, Debi O'Hearn.

Congratulations to the winning team of skip Ron Wilson, vice Lorna Higgins, second Orval White and lead Melanie Downs.

Home and Home with Scarborough CC

On November 13th, the first game in the Tam Heather Venerables and Scarborough Golf & Country Club Home & Home series was held at Tam Heather. The reciprocal game will take place at Scarborough on February 28, 2018. Four teams from Scarborough made their way north to take on four teams of Venerables in hotly contested matches. Although the four games were split two wins apiece, Scarborough is leading in rocks scored 27 to 22.
Cowan 6, Shaw 5
Belyea 8, Rhora 4
Grundy 10, Pennington 6
Baker 8, Heffron 2